PhD students of Cycle 33

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Internat.

Paganelli Matteo(email)

Prof. F. GuerraIntegration of large and open datasets

Fabbri Matteo(email)

Prof. R. CucchiaraHuman Behavior Understanding by Computer Vision in the Deep Learning Era

Parmiggiani Nicolò(email)

Prof. D. Beneventano
Ing. Andrea Bulgarelli (INAF)
Data management for astronomical data and science alerts

Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Internat.

Zagni Nicolò(email)

Prof. P. PavanCharacterization of electronic properties of new materials for innovative devices (non-volatile memories, high speed transistors, neuromorphic devices)PURDUE UNIVERSITY, INDIANA (USA) from 01/04/2018 to 30/09/2018

Industrial applications of ICT

Name Tutor Research Topic Internat.

Bergamini Luca(email)

Prof. S. CalderaraMachine Learning for analysis and recognition of livestock in the wild. - Grant by Farm4Trade srl

Salierno Giulio(email)

Prof. L. LeonardiInnovative Signaling Application based on usage of formal/semiformal methods - Grant by Alstom BolognaShanghai Polytechnic University - Prof. Yuewei Bai from 15/09/2018 to 14/12/2018

Grazioli Filippo*

Prof. R. VezzaniComputer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for HMI and autonomous driving in automotive - Grant by Ferrari SpA

Bombarda Davide(email)

Prof. G. Vitetta
Ing. Giovanni Ferrante (Alstom)
SoC usage in railway signalling applications - Grant by Alstom Bologna

Morrone Giovanni(email)

Prof. S. Bergamaschi
Cotutors: prof . Roberto Zicari,Carl Goethe University, Frankfurt
Artificial Conversational Entity (Chatbot)